COVID-19 has brought many difficult choices to the front door of many confused and worried Americans. When your loved one is sick, do you bring them home or keep them in the facilities? If you live 200 miles away from your parents, do you just continue to let them go out or hire someone to help them stay home? Everyone is a little scared, and rightfully so, but these are the decisions that can really make the difference.

Why Home Care? 

Generally, home care can help clients stay out of the hospital by helping them complete the tasks that are difficult for them to do own their own. A caregiver is scheduled to come into the home to complete tasks ranging from personal care to light housekeeping. In addition, they are able to help with transportation and errands such as medication pick-ups and grocery shopping. During this crisis it is absolutely crucial to continue this type of care to assist clients during, and even after, the stay-at-home orders. The caregivers are trained to follow universal precautions to decrease risk. They are also trained on newly implemented COVID-19 policies to monitor clients. Because really, why expose someone who is over 65 to wait in line to get toilet paper when they don’t have to?

In addition, home care is a perfect option for those who are generally healthy and those showing only mild symptoms of illness and without underlying chronic conditions. Home care can provide an option to have someone there to care for a loved one while keeping them out of the facilities where COVID-19 cases are growing.

Deciding which route to take in caring for a loved one is always difficult, but it’s important to consider all of your options before making a choice. Ultimately it’s always best to consult a medical professional to help narrow down your choices but I urge you to consider home care if it’s appropriate.

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Marissa Tiongson

Marissa Tiongson works as a senior living consultant at Tender Home Health. Since 2010, she has gained a wealth of knowledge from all streams of medical professionals and has used this knowledge to help patient care in both the agency and the community. Currently, she is learning more about the home care sector of healthcare to help the aging community find a better home environment.