We here at Tender have done a tremendous amount of research to navigate through the COVID-19 crisis. Upon realizing the seriousness of this virus, we have tirelessly worked to help our clients and patients through this time. One enormous part …

Safety for older adults is a main concern. When patients return home from the hospital, we often see patients get re-hospitalized because of simple mishaps that could have been prevented. We wanted to put a list together for you so

Convincing a loved one who really needs additional home care can be challenging when they are refusing to accept that they need home care. They show resistance because their entire life they have been independent. Accepting help might mean they

After an illness or a change in lifestyle, many people look for in home support within their family or friends. While this can be a temporary solution, this often results in a strain on relationships and overburden. Although the families

The California Association for Health Services at Home (CAHSAH) hosts an annual conference where they provide educational training and networking opportunities. We attend annually to increase our knowledge about senior care; specifically home health and home care. Read on for