Summer safety is a topic of concern for seniors due to heat related illnesses such as hyperthermia. Per the National Institute on Aging, hyperthermia is an abnormal high body temperature caused by the body’s inability to cope with the heat. Affected individuals can experience fatigue, sudden dizziness, cramps, and heat stroke.

There are some factors that can increase the likelihood of hyperthermia:

• Dehydration
• Poor blood circulation
• Any illness that causes general weakness
• High blood pressure
• Conditions that cause reduced sweating
• Weight (highly over or under)
• Alcoholic beverages

Hyperthermia can be a serious issue especially if it results in heat stroke. If you or a loved one is suspected of suffering from a heat related illness, it is best to get the person out of the heat and into an air conditioned environment. If a heat stroke is suspected, call 911.

Visit the NIH.GOV website for more information.


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