Passwords are a headache for everyone! But during this time, we have to start learning and understanding how to complete tasks virtually. It’s not always easy.  It seems like we need a password for every site we visit these days: banks, stores, and email. It’s very difficult to remember the details for each site, and security is always a concern in case your information is breached and hacked.

Here are some tips to help you keep passwords safe:

  • Make passwords complicated to protect yourself against hacking
  • Try to use upper and lower case letters and include numbers as well for extra security
  • Do not use common words or names and should definitely not use their own name
  • Use a notebook to write down the username and password when setting up on a new site (But don’t forget to keep it in a safe place!)
  • Never take the option to save passwords on shared computers as others will have access
  • Sign up for Last Pass, which encrypts all passwords and gives you just one to use for all services

Don’t let passwords stop you from staying safe at home. You just have to follow these steps to ensure your data is safe too.

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John Favis’s background is primarily in nursing, working at Berkley Valley Convalescent Hospital from 2009 - 2018. John's main focus is to ensure the Tender nurses provide quality services for all Tender patients. John hopes to help his team succeed and continue to grow with Tender. He lives by the quote: “It’s not how many times you fail, it’s how many times you are willing to get back up”.

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