Safety for older adults is a main concern. When patients return home from the hospital, we often see patients get re-hospitalized because of simple mishaps that could have been prevented. We wanted to put a list together for you so you can prevent these mishaps. Make your home safe now!


The following is a checklist to ensure your safety at home:

  • Grab bars installed near toilet and in the bathtub or shower
  • Slip resistant rug is next to bathtub or shower
  • Slip resistant floor in bathtub or shower
  • Sturdy shower chair in place
  • Raised toilet seat installed
  • Remove throw rugs or secure with slip resistant backing
  • Clutter is cleared from floor
  • Flashlight available near bed
  • Telephone available near bed
  • Nightlights placed in path from bedroom to bathroom
Living area
  • Furniture gives enough space for any wheelchair or walker to pass through
  • Remove throw rugs or secure with slip resistant backing
  • Light switches easily accessible at entrances to rooms
  • Carpeting is flat, no wrinkles
  • Cords are cleared from walkways
  • Remove throw rugs or secure with slip resistant backing
  • Food is stored in easy-to-reach cabinets
  • Step stool is available to reach high cabinets
  • Well lit
  • Stair treads are placed
  • Stable handrails are installed on both sides


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Annabelle Vita

My name is Annabelle Vita and I am a Director of Nursing for Home Health. I have been in the home care industry for over 10 years primarily working with patients 65+. This experience has given me the opportunity to interact with patients one on one in the comfort of their own homes. Through this experience, I have been fortunate enough to hear life stories and share in the heartache, struggles, triumphs and joys of those who I care for.