The past year taught us gratitude, most especially for the things we would generally take for granted. From health, friends and family, there is so much to be thankful for as we enter the year 2023. New Year’s resolutions are a good way to express our gratitude to improve your quality of Life!

Although resolution varies from person to person, focus on achievable goals that benefit your health and overall quality of life

Here are 8 positive ways to refocus your energy towards 2023.

  1. Make Better Dietary Choices
    As you age, you will need to consume fewer calories but more nutrients. Your health care provider can help you make better food choices, but ultimately, you should strive to eat at least five servings of fruits and vegetables per day. Choose whole grains over refined ones and lean meats over fatty options. Use healthier fats, such as olive or avocado oil, and cook with natural spices to reduce salt and fat intake.
  2. Keep a positive mindset
    Study shows that positives were associated with a lower risk of memory loss, faster recovery from illness, injury, or disability, lower risk of chronic illness, less loneliness and isolation, and greater likelihood of seeking preventive care. associated with an increase.
    Positive thinking doesn’t always mean ignoring difficult emotions. Rather, it means worrying less about the things you can’t change, focusing on the things you can change, and constantly reminding yourself of what’s good in life.
  3. Commit to 10 minutes of exercise daily
    Staying active is not only the key to aging healthily, but also to living longer. The results of the study sum up that effectively. Results show that incorporating an exercise program that includes walking, jogging, or cycling into older adults can dramatically improve physiological characteristics such as blood pressure, resting heart rate, maximum pumping capacity, and muscle mass. For some people, improvement is so important that their baseline levels are the same as in their early twenties.
  4. Quit smoking
    Quitting now can reduce your risk of developing some health problems and improve your overall quality of life. They claim that their heart rate increased, better sleep, and they breathed easier. It’s never too late to quit smoking.
  5. Play with your grandkids
    Studies show that elderly individuals who spend more quality time with their grandchildren live longer and have better physical and mental health outcomes than those who do not. Engage in activities with your grandkids.
  6. Stimulate your mind
    One of the best ways to keep your brain stimulated as you age is to periodically challenge it. It’s also among the best strategies to lower your chances of dementia and memory loss. Simple exercises that are both effective and enjoyable include reading every day, practicing crossword puzzles, and joining a book club.
  7. Make new acquaintances and reconnect with old ones.
    Studies have shown that older people who participate in social activities had greater cognitive function, lower rates of despair and disability, and overall better health. Social media makes it simple to find and get in touch with old friends, and senior living communities offer many of chances to meet new people.
  8. Share a good laugh
    Even in difficult times, a smile and some humor can lift your spirits. Additionally, laughing boost your immune system, improves your mood, eases pain, and lessens stress.



















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