Halloween is not just a holiday for teenagers in “slasher movie” inspired themed parks. It is a great way for you and your grandkids to create special memories. Whether it is on a video call or in person, embrace the spirit Halloween, dress up, and celebrate.

Here are a few popular costume ideas:

Disney – Choose any Disney character, put on a Disney movie, and make a night of it. You can make your home feel like the happiest place on earth. Encanto, Little Mermaid, or Toy Story are good choices for the whole family to dress up.

Star Wars (The Mandalorian) – It is everyone’s favorite sci-fi saga from a galaxy far, far away. This worldwide pop culture phenomenon has a never-ending closet of characters to choose from. The Mandalorian’s Grogu is still popular in stores everywhere.

Marvel – There are a ton of heroes in this universe to choose from. Kids from around the world dress up in these masks every day. Toddlers run around wishing they were Iron Man and teenagers, and adults for that matter, want to pay tribute to a King like Black Panther. Marvel is continuing on their legacy with hit television shows as well. This is bound to be a hit.

The kids may not be able to go out and go trick-or-treating, but you can setup your home to give them a great memory. Make the most of it, and do not miss out on a memory with the kids.

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