Everyone should have a plan for disasters in Southern California. Our loved ones will face challenges during an emergency. During any disaster normal response time for support services increase dramatically as you could imagine. Our older adults may have difficulties with mobility, hearing, vision, or cognitive functioning. This increases issues with understanding and responding to emergency instructions.

We can reduce the stress and pressure for our loved ones by being prepared for emergency situations. This is done by creating a plan, creating an emergency supply kit, and reviewing/ practicing the plan.

Create a Plan

  • Choose a person to be your point of contact and decide how you will communicate with each other.
  • Create a contact list for family and friends (Include one in your emergency supply kit).
  • Plan your evacuation route and how you will leave.
  • Create a care plan (Include one in your emergency kit).
  • Set up your Medical transportation for an emergency. Sign up for SMART911, Code Red, or your local county registry.


Create an Emergency Supply Kit

  • Medical Items:
    • 3-day supply of all meds
    • Medical supplies
      • If needed, syringes (for insulin)
      • Batteries for any medical device you have and use
      • Info for any medical device you have and use (model numbers and vendor)
        • Wheelchairs
        • Walkers
        • Oxygen
        • Pacemaker
        • Hearing Aids
      • ID Band (first and last name, contact number for family member that is your point of contact, allergies)
      • If you have hearing aids, extra pair and batteries
      • If you have glasses, extra pair and/ or contacts with contact solution
    • Documents (Keep hard copies in a water proof bag and take photos of each document for back up)
      • Care plan
      • Contact info for family members/ friends, Doctors/ Medical providers, Hospital/ Pharmacy
      • List of allergies (food and medications)
      • Copies of medical insurance cards
      • Copies of photo ID
      • If appropriate:
        • Power of attorney documents
        • Medical Power of attorney documents



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Retrieved from https://www.cdc.gov/features/older-adult-emergency/index.html

Annabelle Vita

My name is Annabelle Vita and I am a Director of Nursing for Home Health. I have been in the home care industry for over 10 years primarily working with patients 65+. This experience has given me the opportunity to interact with patients one on one in the comfort of their own homes. Through this experience, I have been fortunate enough to hear life stories and share in the heartache, struggles, triumphs and joys of those who I care for.

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