Older adults who utilize home care or are living in skilled nursing facilities have found themselves to be “stuck”.  Living in a facility with no access or ride to get around.  Most older adults in facilities may have a condition requiring them to be in a wheelchair.  Many families do not have vehicles with wheel chair accessibility.

Families and their loved ones can overcome this barrier through a service provided by Los Angeles County for disabled individuals.  Just check to see if you or your loved one qualifies for the service.  Improve the quality of life provided for your loved ones.  Give them the freedom to be able to commute to the place they love to go to.  I know resident who use the service and love the accessibility.  Access provides transportation throughout the Los Angeles county.

There are four steps needed for eligibility:

  • Determining eligibility
  • Obtaining an access ID number
  • Schedule transit evaluation
  • Approval process

For more details, you can navigate to the access site.


Pamela Liquigan has been working in the home care industry for many years. She’s observed firsthand how challenging it can be for the elderly to not get the right support they really need and understand the options they have so they can have the peace of mind that everything will be more than just okay. She is an advocate for each patient in the senior communities. She’s passionate and compassionate to provide encouragement and to be the voice for each individual. She uses her expertise, her knowledge and her resources to suggest specific, personalized options for care, along with detailed information about the processes and next steps while working closely with everyone involved in the care of the patient. She is involved in the community regularly and continues to strive so all of the elderly can get what they need when they need it most so they can have the freedom and independence to focus on the activities they love and live a life they envision.