In the United States today, a large percentage of the population is diagnosed with Diabetes Mellitus type 2. With fast food being so easily accessible these days and portion sizes increasing by the day, it’s no wonder that people are suffering from this preventable disease. Being a nurse in the home care field, I often get asked by my patient about how to manage their diabetes. Below are a few tips that I’ve picked up over the years from research and from patients themselves.

Top 4 Tips
  1. Listen to your body
    • People exhibit signs of high and low blood sugars in different ways. If you are not feeling well, take your blood sugar and note it in a journal. You will start to notice trends that your body is trying to tell you something is wrong.
  2. Take your medications
    • Take your medications as ordered. Don’t deviate from the plan without letting your doctor know.
  3. Check your feet
    • People with Diabetes tend to heal slower. A small cut on your foot can mean severe problems in a short amount of time. Inspect your feet daily and dry them thoroughly after a shower or bath.
  4. Eat well
    • Easier said than done but with Diabetes, diet is the main contributor. Gone are the days when you could eat a doughnut for breakfast, a brownie with your lunch and a slice of pie for dinner. Not to say that you can never eat these things, but these “cheat meals” should be portioned correctly and monitored well . Suggestions on superfoods can be found in this recently post article regarding healthy food choices.


A home care aid can help guide for each of the tips above.

Annabelle Vita

My name is Annabelle Vita and I am a Director of Nursing for Home Health. I have been in the home care industry for over 10 years primarily working with patients 65+. This experience has given me the opportunity to interact with patients one on one in the comfort of their own homes. Through this experience, I have been fortunate enough to hear life stories and share in the heartache, struggles, triumphs and joys of those who I care for.